How to hold the man at distance

How to hold the man at distance

love at distance meets not so seldom. Many modern men and women are mobile, often travel, get acquainted and fall in love on the way. Even homebodies manage to find the half in the Internet. If it happened, your man lives in other city, and so far you cannot live together, then your task is to hold it at distance, constantly supporting in it tender feeling of love.


  1. You do not treat separation as to the tragedy though when parting your heart is torn from pain. Perceive it as difficulty which your love has to overcome. Let the distance between you will become check of the validity of your and its feelings. You have to understand that you really cannot live without each other.
  2. Your relations and feelings should not differ from the relations and feelings of other loving couples which have opportunity to meet daily. You in the same way can communicate and share with each other the news, experiences. You can take care of the man and speak to him about the love. You should not be too persuasive and to call him on 10 times a day, there is quite enough even one daily call to the stipulated time when you can communicate alone and without hurrying. It is periodically possible to remind him of the feeling short, ridiculous sms. Use possibilities of the Internet, video call by Skype - effective means of maintenance of feelings, do not neglect it.
  3. Agree with each other that your desire to keep the love mutually and that you should be trusted each other. It is that important factor which will help you to keep the relations. Try not to be jealous and not to think out to yourself any horrors about unfaithfulness when actually for this purpose there is no occasion. Always you tell each other the truth and trust those words which you hear from it. The mistrust and scenes of jealousy at distance look ridiculously and silly, they can lead your relations into blind alley which it is only possible to leave having left.
  4. Try to meet periodically. Such short, but bright meetings will be able constantly to warm up your feelings and your love will burn even more brightly. It will become much easier for you to transfer separation if you constantly wait for another meeting. They will facilitate expectation and to your man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team