How to impose false nails

How to impose false nails

False nails - quite good analog increased, it is only necessary to remove them at once after the celebration or important business meeting. They are on sale all forms and flowers, in set there is already glue therefore it is not necessary to buy it. It is necessary only to paste correctly false nails, and it only business of the technology and your efforts.


1. Buy packing with false nails. They are on sale usually too big length, but it is not problem, they can be cut off. Pay attention to width of plates. Select that optimum will approach in shape of your nails, otherwise they will unnaturally look.

2. Make manicure. Remove cuticle, cut the nails, otherwise consignment notes it will be bad to be attached to nail plates. Of course, it is possible and to do without manicure, but hands in general will have not well-groomed look.

3. Slightly to oshlifuyta nail plate nail file with small dusting - it will help to record reliably false nails on glue. After grinding wipe nails with alcohol to degrease them.

4. Apply small amount of glue on laid on plate, wait several seconds and densely press it to the surface of nail, take until glue stiffens. Usually it occurs very quickly therefore put at once exactly, to tear off then and to re-stick will be very problematic.

5. Gradually paste all nails. Now cut off them by means of manicure tweezers nippers. Give the form nail file and you can start coating application. Do not cut color false nails better, the cut will be noticeable if you do not apply varnish. If nails colourless, make up them on the discretion, but do not use too bright tone better.

6. Estimate the done work. If everything has passed successfully, safely go on the affairs, but take just in case with yourself tube with glue.

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