How to impose nails

How to impose nails

Beautiful well-groomed nails – subject of pride of any woman. If strong nails for you problem, come to the rescue modern technologies. Today it is simple to increase nails - it is possible to address to salon, and it is possible to make it independently.


1. For a start it is necessary to prepare hands. For this purpose in two days prior to gluing of artificial nails make classical manicure, carry out procedures for strengthening of nail plate, flirt behind cuticle.

2. Remember that it is impossible to paste artificial nails at all if natural are sick.

3. Now we will pass to tipsa. Tipsa are artificial nails which fasten to "the" nails. It is very important to pick up them correctly. It is better if tipsa are more natural nails, anyway they should be processed file. Decide on form and the size of future nails. Before processing of tipsa it is better to warm in warm water, they will be softened, will be more pliable.

4. Now by means of file and tweezers give them the chosen form. You are not lazy to try on false nails more often as much as possible "to adjust" to natural.

5. After that we will start actually gluing of tips. Process nails disinfecting solution, apply on them glue, most accurately paste each nail. If there is no desire to potter with glue, it is possible to get tipsa with adhesive tape.

6. After sticker of nails follow rules of care for them. Always use gloves during the work with cleaning and detergents. Before drawing varnish should not have as a part of acetone. Do not subject false nails to influence of flame or heat.

7. At due leaving they will please the owner not less than three weeks. Then the border between artificial and natural nail will become noticeable and the procedure will need to be repeated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team