How to improve appearance in the teenager

How to improve appearance in the teenager

awkward age is characterized not only total reorganization of organism and psychological failures. Problems with appearance – serious source of complexes which can lead to the most unpredictable consequences. Improvement of appearance of the teenager – important step thanks to which parents will help to facilitate significantly life to the maturing child.

It is required to you

  • - pharmaceutical cosmetics;
  • - address to the dermatologist;
  • - hairdresser;
  • - new clothes;
  • - address to the stomatologist.


  1. Pay special attention to skin as this problem of appearance most of all sadden the teenager's life. Often skin of girls and young men is affected by eels and local inflammations. And in this case it is necessary to struggle with these diseases competently and in a complex. The set of widely advertized pimples medicines are only actually capable to do much harm to skin. First of all it is necessary to consult with the cosmetologist and the dermatologist as problems can be much more serious. Then pick up the good pharmaceutical cosmetics which is not containing alcohol. Teach the teenager not to squeeze out and not to raskovyrivat pimples, it is correct to purify skin and to consciously use all cosmetic medicines.
  2. Pick up good hairstyle and the correct hair care. At teenagers the dandruff, the increased fat content of hair is quite often observed. Girls begin active experiments with colourings and waves and at the same time not always use qualitative means. Healthy, clean and streaming, as silk, hair – the main ornament and girls, and young men. In awkward age the main thing is not to do irreparable harm to hair. The fashionable hairstyle and good laying are capable to change the teenager without exaggeration.
  3. Create stylish and correct clothes. Quite often teenagers aim to shock surrounding with the extreme appearance. Certainly, it is impossible to introduce strict restrictions. However even the zealous adherent of any subculture assuming very peculiar clothes can look tidily and beautifully. Creation of basic clothes, accuracy, the correct combination of shades and invoices – all this will help to put on adequately and stylish.

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