How to improve condition of oily skin

How to improve condition of oily skin

Problem skin is inclined to formation of acne. Because of the strengthened production of skin fat the pores are clogged up, the greasy luster appears. Full care in house conditions will help to normalize work of sebaceous glands and to considerably improve condition of oily skin.


1. You carry out high-quality clarification of oily skin. In the morning and wash in the evening warm water as hot water will provoke excessive production of skin fat, and cold will insufficiently effectively wash away excess of fat. Use the gels and skins intended for oily skin care. Carefully soap the T-zone, chin as in these parts there is the greatest number of sebaceous glands.

2. Right after washing wipe skin with lotion or tonic with the content of zinc, salicylic acid. It is undesirable to apply spirit lotions. In spite of the fact that after use of lotions on alcohol at first it will be possible to dry considerably epidermis, further production of skin fat will amplify, and the greasy luster will not manage to be removed any tinting means. It is rational to apply spirit lotions only as means of ambulance when acnes have inflamed and the emergency disinfection is required.

3. To improve condition of oily skin, right after clarification use the soft moisturizing creams or mousses. In the afternoon it is rational to use the moistening means with UV filters, and for the night – with extracts of cornflower, camomile, calendula.

4. Three times a week do peeling. Now on sale big variety of the ready cosmetics intended for effective removal of the keratosic cages is provided. At the heart of such peelings natural plant acids which quickly soften the keratosic layer contain.

5. Besides, it is possible to prepare acid peeling independently. Soften pulp of orange or lemon by means of the blender, add several drops of kefir and small salt. Apply to skin. In 10 minutes carefully wash away warm water and use the moisturizing oily skin cream.

6. As the mask helping to eliminate quickly greasy luster use oat-flakes, having mixed it with protein of egg. Apply mask to skin. In 15 minutes wash away large amount of water.

7. The procedure of microdermabrasion is carried out in saloon conditions. To get rid of enlarged pores, to restore elasticity and elasticity of oily skin it is possible after 5-6 sessions.

8. It is rational to carry out mechanical cleaning only as a last resort if time is hammered, and it is not possible to get rid of black dots by other methods. You approach the choice of beauty shop and the cosmetologist especially carefully. If mechanical cleaning is carried out by the inexperienced master, on skin there will be hems and blue spots.

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