How to improve face contour

How to improve face contour

35 years – middle age at which wrinkles become more noticeable face contours begin to lose the accurate outlines. But not only age changes can cause desire to correct something in the appearance. The indistinct line of chin, poorly expressed line of cheekbones at any age will set thinking on how to improve face contour.


1. To improve contours of the lower part of the person in the area of chin, regularly carry out specially developed exercises. They are peculiar exercises for muscles of chin and neck, allow muscles to remain longer in tone, deal with the problem of obvisaniye of the person and help to get rid of the second chin. If it is too boring to carry out exercises, as incentive buy the exercise machine for chin.

2. Contours can tighten face skin and improve also cosmetics, but they will help only when insignificant correction is required. Use lifting cream, impose masks, you conduct courses with use of serums with effect of tightening. It will help not only to improve face contour, but also to smooth part of wrinkles, to make the person more equal.

3. Saloon procedures for improvement of face contour are different. Consult with the cosmetologist to pick up option of use of medicines, optimum for condition of your skin, and holding procedures. The expert will help you to choose between plastic massage, mesotherapy, LPG and laser non-invasive face lifting.

4. If changes of face contour too obvious, but you are not ready to operations yet, try bioreinforcing (so-called vector lifting). The method is that skin is tightened by means of the special biothreads consisting on the most part of hyaluronic acid. Earlier for these purposes gold threads were used. At first on skin the anesthetizing cream is imposed, the marking of lifting lines is put further, skin is disinfected. After that under skin on lifting lines enter needle with medicine which creates a peculiar supporting framework. There is enough effect of this procedure on average for one and a half years.

5. Cardinally to resolve issue on improvement of face contour, address to clinic of plastic surgery. Face lifting offers various methods and types of operations for fight against defects of the person. The effect of planimetric face lifting can remain for many years. For removal of its surplus, implantation of implants or other technicians – all this to you the doctor will help to define excision of skin. Observe all instructions and the recommendations of the doctor about preparation for operation and during postoperative restoration.

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