How to increase and strengthen female bust

How to increase and strengthen female bust

Breast – one of the most weak spots of female body in terms of esthetics. Rigid diets, hormonal failures, pregnancy and breastfeeding, as a rule, lead to the fact that the breast gets out of the elasticity and shape and becomes not such attractive as earlier any more. To return beauty of breast and also to increase and strengthen female bust it is possible by means of special gymnastics.

It is required to you

  • - rug for exercises;
  • - expander;
  • - 2 small dumbbells.


1. Before beginning performance of exercises on increase and strengthening of bust, make the small warm-up capable to warm muscles. Namely, execute 10-15 rotations by shoulders forward and back and as much rotations by the helpless gesture made in the parties.

2. Take two dumbbells, lay down on back and extend the hands which are a little bent in elbows before yourself, having stopped them at the level of breast. Make deep breath. Slowly you part hands with dumbbells in the parties until you touch floor by elbows. Exhale. Slowly raise hands, having returned them to starting position. For increase and strengthening of bust it is necessary to repeat such simple exercise 15 times.

3. Lay down on back and give the right hand with dumbbell along hip. Raise the left hand with dumbbell up so that it has appeared at the level of breast. Change position of hands, but do not bend them at the same time in elbows. Repeat exercise 20 times.

4. Are useful to strengthening and increase in female bust of squeezing. Kneel, widely place hands so that wrists were at the level of shoulder joints, slowly take away legs back. Bend elbows, having parted them in the parties. Without curving back and without inclining the head, fall as low as possible. Such squeezing is enough to repeat 10 times.

5. Put legs on width of shoulders and you hold before yourself expander. Rising on socks, slowly stretch expander, parting hands in the parties. Do this exercise of 10 times.

6. Kneel so that hands rested palms against floor, and fingers have been directed to them forward. Slowly cave in in backbone, bring closer basin and hips to floor, without bending legs. Take away shoulders back and down, and the top of the head last up. Remain in such pose for minute and return to starting position. Have a rest 20 seconds and do this exercise still few times.

7. Standing on floor, connect the palms directed up before breast. Strongly press them to each other for 6 seconds, then weaken for 4 seconds. Repeat it 15 times. To enhance effect of exercise, between palms it is possible to clamp small rubber ball.

8. Considerably to increase and strengthen bust, it is necessary to carry out these exercises in complex, not less than three times a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team