How to increase breast folk remedies

How to increase breast folk remedies

Each girl dreams that its bust was attractive. It is important component of beauty of the weaker sex. Most of ladies dream of increase in breast that can be reached by means of folk remedies.


1. In order that the breast was attractive, it is necessary to watch the bearing. Straighten back and look at yourself in mirror. Notice, your breast has already increased. Try to go and sit with equal back. Carry out the exercises directed to alignment and strengthening of backbone. Together with it you will tighten pectoral muscles. The breast will become elastic. It is recommended to carry out squeezing daily, since 10 times and gradually to increase.

2. In the people suggest to use more products which part protein and cellulose is. Fruit are very useful, contain vitamins necessary to your organism. Exclude hot and fat dishes from the menu, they can complicate growth of mammary glands. Eat such salad more often: to grate carrots and green apple, then to connect to nuts and honey.

3. It is recommended to rub fitoestrakta in breast, doing massage. At the same time the metabolism improves and blood circulation increases. The massing movements are useful to tone and relaxation of pectoral muscles. Thanks to vegetable vtiraniye it is possible not only to accelerate growth of breast, but also to restore elasticity and silkiness of skin.

4. If you want to increase breast, then say goodbye to addictions. Smoking strongly influences growth of mammary glands, stopping it at all. Tobacco blocks delivery of nutrients on vessels. You should not abuse alcohol, sometimes even small doses of alcohol can negatively influence increase in pectoral muscles. Therefore be not fond of alcoholic beverages.

5. Use grass tinctures. In that case you should consult with doctors. There is one of such broths: take one tablespoon of cones of hop and put on water bath for 15 minutes, then boil and let infuses. Drink 30% of contents in glass 3 times a day. Be vigilant with this folk remedy, the result can affect hormonal balance of your organism.

6. There is opinion that frequent consumption of tea from fresh strawberry leaves with milk considerably affects beauty of mammary glands. Walnuts, infused week on honey, are also preferable in this situation. Eat five-six nutlets a day.

7. Massage of pectoral muscles belongs to folk remedies during acceptance of shower. The pressure of water stimulates increase in mammary glands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team