How to increase breast massage

How to increase breast massage

Massage of breast is one of the known methods of its increase. Massage tones up muscles of breast and stimulates growth. However the result at each woman is shown differently.

  • Oil or breast cream, strong pressure of water, knowledge of points to shiayets, napkin, towel.

1. Before massage, a little oil is recommended to drip on breast. It effectively reduces friction. Besides the procedure will be more pleasant. Massage begins with circular motions. Hands have to move from outer side of breast to the center. Following order: bottom, outer side, top. For one session of massage it is necessary to make 300 such movements for each breast that will provide the best result. It is impossible to squeeze strongly breast during massage. It have to be strokings.

2. Put palms at the level of breast and make deep breath. On exhalation mentally count up to 8 and at the same time with force you press on palm, especially at the basis of thumbs. Intensive influence should not cause bruises and extensions. Nipples do not need to be massed. It is recommended to do these exercises in the morning. Massage promotes rush of blood to breast: thus the breast increases in the amount of. Massage of breast helps to resolve to hems after a while, and to fabrics to regenerate. It is worth reminding that fat and ferruterous fabric are the main components of breast. And they are very sympathetic on various stimulation.

3. One more type of massage for breast - water. Include water jet of comfortable temperature. By strong pressure of water do circular motions at first on one breast, and then - on another. The zone of nipples should be avoided. The procedure is carried out within 2-3 minutes. After that make contrast shower. The water flow alternation period - 10 seconds. It is necessary to finish contrast shower with cool water.

4. There is also so-called Japanese massage for increase in breast to shiayets. For its carrying out it is necessary to define arrangement of special points on body. So, 8 points are about thyroid gland - on 4 from one and other party. One point is located behind on neck: in that place where hair begin to grow. Three points are located under each shovel. And two more points are located on shoulders - over clavicles.

5. It is necessary to press on points thumbs in the following sequence: neck, nape, shoulders, shovels. Time of pressing about 5-7 seconds. And on each of points it is recommended to press three times with 20-second break. East women use this ancient Japanese equipment. If you perform all procedures correctly, then it brings not only benefit, but also pleasure. Gradually the breast becomes well-groomed, increases in sizes, is tightened.

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