How to increase breast without plastic surgeries

How to increase breast without plastic surgeries

Grandmother's stories about cabbage which helps to increase breast unfortunately are far from reality. The size of mammary glands is defined by genetics. However, there are ways to visually increase bust and without operations.


1. Buy special bra with silicone inserts. They will increase breast by the size and will raise it so that cambers will gain seductive rotundity. Choose lower linen carefully, your beauty depends on its quality. Check, whether direct line whether there are no sticking-out threads. Surely try on brassiere, move in it. Inconvenient will bring lot of efforts, will constantly remind of himself, will not allow to be easy and weakened.

2. Use the creams or gels with effect of lifting tightening skin. Their action is based on active agents which provide inflow of blood to the upper layers of the skin. The breast bulks up and increases in volume. But it is necessary to use these means constantly, otherwise mammary glands will quickly return the habitual size.

3. Get special bowls for vacuum massage of breast. They work as well as the modeling gels and creams. Blood, at the expense of pressure created by the device, flows to the upper layers of the skin, forcing mammary glands to bulk up. Volume keeps long - from week to one month. But mammary glands can become painful, and skin - strongly to stretch. Therefore you should not abuse this way.

4. If your figure has the apple form, that is the main volume is the share of breast and stomach, then it is possible to increase bust, having increased diet caloric content. At women of such addition first of all the upper body including mammary glands gets fat. However, except them both the waist, and hands, and shoulders will put on weight.

5. Buy blouses and jackets of light colors. Beige, white, pink will visually increase breast. Not to give excess volume to stomach, put on contrast things with dark bottom. And if hips allow - just fill blouse in jeans or trousers with short waist. Besides, the clothes with ruches and lace in mammary glands perfectly cope with the mission.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team