How to increase density of hair

How to increase density of hair

Beautiful thick hair was always decoration of the woman. However not everyone can brag of magnificent head of hear with which its nature has allocated. Hair daily are affected by negative factors of the environment, they suffer from bad ecology. Lifeless, dim do hair and constant chemical waves, hot laying and hair curlers.


  1. For recovery of fine hair you can address for consultation in beauty shop where to you will advise to buy various stimulating and strengthening medicines containing useful microelements and proteins. Consult with skilled the hairdresser. The good expert without special work will be able to pick up the shampoo suitable for you for increase in density of hair and means for their laying and also will do hair which is visually giving volume to your head of hear.
  2. When choosing shampoo preference should be given to the transparent and liquid means containing the smallest amount of dyes. Exception are means with silk proteins here. Do not buy the cosmetic products which are applied for mixed like hair. For increase in density of hair it is recommended to add to shampoo liquid B6 vitamin at the rate of 5 ampoules of medicine on 250 ml of means.
  3. In very popular and very effective way of increase in volume of hair there was their artificial building today. You can model, paint and stack the attached locks like own hair. The following technologies of building are considered as the safest here: Spanish, Italian, English and also with use of ceramic-metal clips.
  4. In fight against fine hair and dim hair the good results are achieved also by national recipes. It is widely applied and effectively mix from olive oil and lemon juice works. Mix components in equal proportions and cause structure on all length of hair. Leave means for 6-10 hours.
  5. Also following mask will help to make head of hear more densely. Take equal amount of cognac, salt and honey and carefully mix ingredients. Rub mix in roots of hair and leave for 2 hours.
  6. Prepare mask from kefir, egg yolk and cocoa. Apply the received weight on clean hair for 15 minutes then wash away warm water without shampoo.
  7. For strengthening of hair it is useful to use the warmed-up burdock oil which needs to be rubbed in roots of hair and also rinsing by their infusions of leaves of nettle, root acoruses and birches.
  8. Pay attention to diet of your food. The organism has to receive necessary quantity for life of hair of squirrel, vitamins (In, With, P, E) and amino acids. The lack of similar means can have negative effect on the correct development of hair bulbs and follicle. 

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