How to increase gel nails on tipsa

The increased nails look effectively and give to hands well-groomed look. Modern technologies allow to dream, creating unusual design and forms on artificial nails. Women need only to choose way of building.

It is required to you

  • - disinfecting solution;
  • - pusher;
  • - manicure nippers;
  • - nail buffer;
  • - file;
  • - tipsa;
  • - nippers for trimming of tips;
  • - glue for artificial nails;
  • - primer;
  • - boat;
  • - brush for putting gel;
  • - gel;
  • - ultra-violet lamp;
  • - napkins with special solution;
  • - lanolin oil


1. One of the main ways of creation of artificial nails is the building method on tipsa. Starting building, wash up hands or clean them by means of disinfecting aerosol. Accurately remove cuticle pusher. Cut nails on upper hole of nail and undermine file. Remove upper covering of nail, I use firm file. The correct preparation of nail plate will exclude flaking of the increased material from natural nail.

2. Pick up material so that the border of gluing of hole was not below the one third length of natural nail. Tipsa with narrow hole will be suitable for clients who have nail plate short. Pick up material for width so that the natural nail was completely closed from one corner to another.

3. At selection of material it is necessary to consider camber of natural nail. On flat it is necessary to paste flat tips as convex will depart, forming air pocket. Carry out gluing of material one drop of glue which needs to be applied on hole of tips.

4. Further decide on the desirable length and shape of artificial nail. By means of nippers cut material to the necessary length. For mitigation of seam between natural and artificial nail it is recommended to use special liquid before trimming.

5. Now give file the necessary form to artificial nail and file it. Polish seam file or nail buffer, without touching natural nail.

6. Smooth out file material on all length before total disappearance of gloss. Miss the mark all nail with special podgotovitel and wait before its full drying. Further miss the mark nail with primer. Special brush apply gel with thin layer on all surface of natural nail. Place finger in ultra-violet lamp for one minute, and then put the second layer of gel more densely on all length of nail. Again place nail in ultra-violet lamp for two minutes.

7. Remove sticky layer special napkins. Apply lanolin oil on cuticle and accurately rub it. The nail is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team