How to increase growth of hair by means of onions

How to increase growth of hair by means of onions

Long hair were attribute of beauty and youth at all times. To keep length of hair after monthly hairstyles rather difficult. For this purpose it is necessary that growth of hair was carried out at natural speed. Unfortunately, negative natural factors, cold season, stresses and malnutrition can slow down it.

To restore the natural growth of hair and even comprehensive care with application of onions masks will allow to accelerate its speed. Onions juice has ability to accelerate exchange processes in head skin that leads to increase in growth of hair and awakening of the "sleeping" hair follicles. As a result in several months of comprehensive care the density and length of hair increases.

It should be noted that before course it is necessary to define current state of hair. If when combing during the day on hairbrush and clothes there are more than 100 hairs, then it is necessary to refuse onions therapy. It is necessary to remember that juice of onions is aggressive means which can aggravate hair loss in case hair bulbs are weakened. There are several compoundings of masks which differ on intensity of impact on hair bulbs. For preparation of list of the first of them it is necessary to clean one average bulb and to grate it. To add 4 tablespoons of burdock or castor oil to the received gruel and to heat on water bath a little. That the mask was easier to be washed away from hair it is possible to wring out onions gruel through gauze. In this case it is necessary to cause structure with cotton tampon and to rub literally in head skin. Before drawing mask it is necessary to moisten hair on all length. In end the head needs to be wrapped up with polyethylene film and terry towel. The optimum duration of the procedure – half an hour then the structure should be washed away carefully large amount of water.

More sparing compounding of onions mask includes mayonnaise. It is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, to add to it 2 tablespoons of onions juice and 1 egg. Before causing structure it is necessary to warm a little it up to the comfortable temperature in the microwave oven. Having rubbed the remains of structure in head skin it is necessary to distribute on all length and to leave for 40 minutes. Besides growth strengthening such mask adds gloss to hair. It is necessary to repeat it not more often than once in 2 weeks. In breaks between procedures it is necessary to strengthen roots nettle infusion. To wash away smell of onions from hair it is better to use shampoo with intensive fragrance and camomile infusion with 3 drops of liquid ammonia. Such mask should be done to once not thicket in 2 weeks.

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