How to increase lips without injections

How to increase lips without injections

Fashion for unnaturally volume lips long ago behind, and here moderately chubby and juicy sponges still remain desired beauty-dream of many women. Fortunately to increase lips in house conditions much cheaper and, certainly, it is more pleasant, than to experience cosmetology execution with injections.

Correct make-up

Lips will be more expressive and juicy if it is correct to make up them. Dark colors of lipstick for this purpose do not approach – they only visually narrow the volume of lips. Giving of splendor of this part of the face will require gloss. Better – with microparticles, 3-D effect or mint extracts. Reflective particles due to lighting allow to increase the size of lips visually. Mint components in lip gloss work differently – they stimulate the surface of skin, creating blood inflow. As a result of lip bulk up and increase in volume a little.

The increasing make-up of lips will require the pencil, the closest on color to natural tone of skin of lips. It is possible to pick up tandem from shade lipstick chick-pea from similar pencil.

Before drawing make-up skin of lips should be powdered. By the way, if near at hand there was no powder, neutral beige shadows or light blush will cope with this task. A little above the natural line of lips is admissible to remove contour of lips and to carefully shade emptiness. Further completely we cover with gloss of lip.

Spa procedure for lips

Allows to make lips ripe and juicy easy peeling. For this purpose it is possible to use both factory, and folk remedies.

Choosing peeling for lips, it is necessary to give preference to products as a part of which cinnamon, mint and menthol contains. Besides, the srub can be made without leaving kitchen. For this purpose a little sugar needs to be mixed and a half teaspoon of liquid honey. It is accurate to rub with the turned-out gruel lips and to leave to be absorbed within minute.

Ginger will allow to give seductive volume to lips at several o'clock. For this purpose the small piece in 1-1.5 cm of root of ginger needs to be rubbed on small grater and to rub accurately in skin of lips. It is important to use not gruel, namely juice. It is important not to allow hits on face skin because its components can cause irritation. It is necessary to rub ginger juice within minute then to wash away the remained liquid from lips.

One more important recipe habit will be suitable for persons interested to increase volume to those who carefully watch not only form, but also condition of lips. So, every morning within 1.5-2 minutes it is necessary to grate skin of lips with the toothbrush moistened in water. For this procedure the separate brush with soft bristle which is not used for toothbrushing or other purposes is necessary. Ideal option – children's toothbrushes which have the small diameter and ultra soft bristle. Technology of rubbing has to be very soft, without pressing and efforts. This process at the same time skrabirut skin of lips and provides blood inflow at the expense of what significant increase in volume is reached. After rubbing surely nutritious balm is applied on lips.


To increase the volume of lips by more long time, than couple of hours, regular performance of simple exercises allows. If to carry out them it is regular, then the visible effect will begin to be shown in month.

  • Sponges ducks. The cliche of modern girls which has set the teeth on edge "sponges duck" can help to increase lips. For this purpose it is necessary to extend lips and to be recorded in this situation for several minutes. After lip it is necessary to lift as much as possible to nose and again to be recorded for some time. It will be required to make 20 repetitions.
  • Lips need to be pulled in inside to teeth, and then quickly to return to starting position. In this exercise the speed is important, it is necessary to do quickly. It is at the same time necessary to make not less than 20 repetitions.
  • Blowing off. Lips need to be curtailed into tubule, to strain and several times with force to blow the 20th time in a row.
  • Letter "O". It is necessary to open mouth so that lips have developed letter "O". Later it is necessary to strain them for several seconds and to weaken. Repetitions – not less than 25 times.

The weakening massage of skin of lips by means of cream or nutritious balm has to become the final stage of intensive training. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team