How to increase nails acrylic on tipsa

How to increase nails acrylic on tipsa

To catch long, beautiful marigold, it is necessary to look after them carefully. But modern women can have not every day time for performance of manicure. Exit from this situation - acrylic nail extension on tipsa.


1. First of all it is necessary to pick up tipsa for the size. In total there are 10 of their numbers. Choose such which width of laid on part precisely matches width of your natural nail. Happens and so that on little finger of tipsa it is impossible to find. Then it is necessary just to take the smallest tipsa and to file them on each side. Besides, tipsa need to be selected also for arch size. If you have flat nail plate, then you will suit building more on forms as forms allow to create any arch.

2. Now it is possible to pass to processing of natural nails. It is necessary to remove from surface of nail plates glossy covering by means of file with small dusting for natural plates. It is necessary to perform this procedure extremely accurately. Otherwise it is possible to injure the marigold easily. After grinding it is necessary to process surface of nail plate the degreasing means.

3. Now smooth out cuticle. It just needs or to be moved orange stick or to cut off accurately tweezers.

4. Then apply special glue on contact zone of tips. Usual household in this case will not approach, they will only spoil nail plate. Apply tipsa to natural nail. Consider that glue dries almost instantly. Therefore it is necessary to impose tipsa quickly, without delay and the subsequent subboards. Its laid on part should not occupy more than a half of natural nail. After gluing perform inspection. Under consignment notes nogy there should not be vials of air at all.

5. Now the tips needs to polish. Remove from it brilliant dusting. Make even edges to natural nail plate. Also it will need to be cut. All of them, as a rule, too long. Then by means of nail file give to nail the desirable form.

6. Take acrylic ball. Carefully knead it. Lay out from it the surface of nail. Let's it dry. To fix acrylic, it is possible to put atop layer of transparent varnish or the fixing gel. The lamp needs to dry gel in UF.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team