How to increase rhinestones

How to increase rhinestones

In the last time actively practices building rhinestone. The effect of mystical blinking of hair attracts looks and gives mystery to the owner of this ornament. Building rhinestone is carried out quickly and does not demand from future owner of beautiful hair of any special efforts. There are several ways of building rhinestone.

It is required to you

  • - set of laid on locks of hair with rhinestones;
  • - fishing line with rhinestones;
  • - set rhinestone with the silicone holder.


  1. Buy ready set of natural locks of hair with rhinestones. It is possible to stop the choice on locks, on color similar to own hair, and it is possible to pick up locks on tone is lighter (effect of highlighting). The set contains several locks and small hairpins. Hairpins attach locks to the basis of the decorated hair. The lock can remove, wash out, dry phenom.
  2. Address to beauty shop for building rhinestone. The master of salon will collect lock from indumentum of your head, the size of lock 5 x 5 mm. The keratinaceous capsule which holds fishing line with rhinestones the master will attach at distance 1 cm from head skin, at the same time will recede on 5 – 7 cm from parietal zone. Then by means of special nippers (high temperature is necessary) will melt the capsule and will splice fishing line with rhinestones with your own hair. Hair which grow higher than the level of attachment of the capsule will close the place of forming of the capsule and will make it invisible. Ornament is worn long enough (from two to three months), does not cause discomfort, but demands care when combing hair.
  3. Address to specialized shops (cosmetic or hairdresser's) for set acquisition rhinestone with the silicone holder (set contains special hairpin and rhinestones in number of 12 pieces). By means of silicone fixture record lock at the basis of own hair. This lock of hair with rhinestones can be reused, besides silicone fixture gives opportunity to constantly change some rhinestones on others differing in color and form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team