How to increase suntan

How to increase suntan

Fans to lie down on the sun not always are happy with the turned-out result. Suntan can unevenly lay down, or not "stick" at all. There is set of ways of strengthening of golden shade of skin, knowing some of them, you will be able to receive strong equal suntan which will please you in the sad fall.


1. Use vitamins A and E They help skin to attract sunshine and to receive strong suntan. At the same time it is not obligatory to drink vitamins B capsules at all. Vitamin A source - carrots. Drink carrot juice, eat crude carrots - it is desirable daily. The beta carotene which is contained in it helps "coupling" of suntan with skin. At consumption of carrots your suntan will surprise not only people around, but also you. Vitamin E can be received from cod-liver oil which should beginning to be accepted in week prior to the beginning of the fire period.

2. Acquire tan near water For strengthening of suntan settle down at water - sunshine are reflected from the water surface and by that you receive their double dose. Despite desire to receive strong suntan, use protective cream with factor not less than 4. The sun - the strongest source of harm for skin, the cause of presenilation and development of cancer of skin. Therefore always you remember protection, avoid acceptance of solar bathtubs in lunch hours. Morning - the most favorable period for suntan.

3. Use special oils for suntan strengthening They comprise the same vitamin A and E which influence skin outside. Plus to everything, gloss which is gained by skin after oil use also attracts sunshine.

4. For maintaining the acquired suntan use the medicines created especially for this Cream after suntan will moisturize yours the skin tired of the sun, will remove inflammation from burns and will keep suntan for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team