How to increase the natural length of the hair

How to increase the natural length of the hair

Long hair long since are considered as attribute of beauty and femininity. On them it is possible to do the most various hair with application of various accessories. Practically each woman dreams of such hair. However not any of them can brag of long locks.


1. Now artificial hair extension enjoys wide popularity at the weaker sex. In the similar way it is possible not only to create curls of desirable length, but also to make them more dense and more beautiful. For head of hear of a natural type the skilled masters use natural hair. 

2. It is possible to apply to improvement of growth of hair also national recipes. One of effective remedies herb infusion of plantain, sage, nettle, marjoram and camomile is considered here. Mix equal parts of components, fill in with glass of boiled water and you will insist within hour. The received mix needs to be rubbed in head skin.

3. Small crush root of burdock and mix it with intoxicated cones and flowers of calendula. Fill in the prepared weight with boiled water and you hold on fire about an hour. The filtered solution use every time after washing of the head.

4. Actively the onions are applied to strengthening of growth of hair. Grate it and mix with honey concerning 4:1. Apply means on roots of hair and leave for half an hour then carefully wash away warm water. 

5. Not less effective for growth of hair mix from bark of oak and peel of onions is considered. Fill in equal proportions of means with one liter of boiled water and you cook on fire one hour.

6. Nutritious mask for head of hear the mix consisting of one tablespoon of mustard, glass of kefir and two yolks is considered. Mix ingredients before receiving homogeneous mass and apply the received means once a week.

7. It is possible to prepare mask from cognac, onions juice and broth of the roots of burdock taken concerning 1:4:4. All mixes have to be rubbed in roots of hair and head skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team