How to increase the term of life of cosmetics: 9 golden rules

How to increase the term of life of cosmetics: 9 golden rules

happens so that cosmetics and cream become useless before the expiration established by the producer. Face cream gets unpleasant smell, mascara grabs lumps, and resistant lipstick, literally flows down from lips. Similar results from the wrong storage or use of cosmetics.


  1. You do not store decorative cosmetics in the bathroom at all. Humidity of this room too high. Besides, constant changes of temperature and level of illumination have negative impact on composition of cosmetics.
  2. The majority of cosmetics cannot be kept in the fridge. By the way, this mistake is made by many women, including the fridge the best place for creams. Actually, the similar method of storage is suitable only for oxygen creams.
  3. Ideal house for cosmetics is the dry dark place located far away from window and the battery.
  4. Using cream in glass jar, do not take it fingers, it is the is best of all for these purposes the special rake will be suitable for putting creams. Otherwise you will surely bring in cream of particle of integuments, skin fat and other things which will immediately put cream out of commission.
  5. Lids and caps from various cosmetic accessories after each use need to be cleaned well, deleting the dried-up and oxidized residues of cosmetics
  6. Do not mix residues of different cosmetics even if, in your opinion, they are absolutely identical. You can not know nuances of structure, features of the next released line and it is a lot of another. The spoiled product or allergic reaction will become result of such mixing.
  7. Surely densely close cosmetic product. This simple manipulation will keep it from dust and will not allow any evaporation.
  8. Do not forget to wash out regularly brushes for putting lipstick, shadows, powder and blush, sponges and sponges. It is necessary not to allow reproduction of bacteria which not only will spoil cosmetics but also very will negatively affect condition of your skin.
  9. Despite its expiration date, change mascara each three months as this product is the most frequent source of allergic reactions. Never to slyunyavta brush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team