How to increase thickness of hair

How to increase thickness of hair

Diameter of trunk of hair – is given us genetically, trichologists claim. However thickness of hair can be increased, knowing several important and useful secrets. And the most important advice which both experts on traditional medicine and trichologists give – only purposeful ladies will manage to reach desirable effect, seriously anxious with problem of fine hair.

There are several procedures which allow to achieve of both cosmetic increase in thickness of hair, and real. It should be noted that each of them has the pluses and minuses. Cosmetic ways are effective for achievement of fast, but short result. More serious effect promises the systematic leaving aimed at increase in thickness of hair at growth stages.

First of all, professional lamination of hair will allow to achieve impressive effect. This procedure is intended especially for owners of fine and brittle hair. The special structure representing the enriched balm which under the influence of high temperature literally melts off hair cuticle is applied on hair. As a result the trunk of each hair is enveloped by the thinnest film which at the same time protects structure of hair and increases its volume. The effect of lamination of hair sticks to from 1 to 3 months then the procedure needs to be repeated.

The gelatinous mask allows to achieve similar effect. Preparation of structure will require edible gelatin and small amount of balm. In glass of water of room temperature it is necessary to dissolve 3 g of gelatin. When gelatin bulks up it it is necessary to warm up on water bath and to bring to uniform state. After to add several drops of balm and to apply on moist hair. It is necessary to keep structure on hair not less than 40 minutes then to wash away soft shampoo. The effect of gelatinous mask is similar to professional lamination, however for maintenance of effect it is necessary to repeat the procedure much more often – 2 times a month.

The Iranian henna which unlike other means, allows to increase thickness of hair by growth stages will allow to achieve more constant effect. Getting into structure of hair bulb, henna awakens the sleeping hairs, doing them thicker and strong. It should be noted that along with it hair become much more dark that clearly is visible even when using colourless henna. Besides, it is worth to remember that the medical industry does not forget about problem of thickness of hair, and on counters of drugstores and specialized shops appears more and more means promising to turn fair-haired braid of fine hair into shock it is not worse, than at the average Indian. Certainly, not all marketing promises printed on colourful packings of shampoos and balms are truthful. The most part of these means contains active silicone connections which really after the first application allow to feel glossy film on hair. It is reached due to influence of the silicone enveloping structure of the hair and occupying emptiness under open scales. However, silicone is quickly washed away from hair, leaving hair damaged. Quite often increase in thickness of hair is additional result of influence of the means aimed at strengthening of hair bulbs. Due to the active component structure activating process of growth of hair the increase in diameter of hair is reached.

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