How to influence the vital points of organism? Foot massage secrets

How to influence the vital points of organism? Foot massage secrets

On feet important reflex points are located therefore massage of feet is very useful. Massage helps to restore vital forces and to get rid of fatigue. Besides, this pleasant procedure not only will lighten your mood, but also will present sincere pacification.

More than 60 important reflex points are located on feet of legs. In this regard it is very important to learn all secrets of massage of feet. This relaxing procedure gives tone to both legs, and all body. For a start take your legs in warm bath with fragrant and fragrant herbs or in water with sea salt. It will help your legs to relax.

In case you have no fragrant herbs and sea salt, you can take legs in water with usual salt. But after bath of leg it is necessary to rinse usual water.

To be necessary to remember that each site of foot is responsible for some body. Stimulation of the arch of foot well influences backbone and will help you to cope with back pain. Massage of toes makes impact on eyes, nasal bosoms, ears and gums.

For massage by foot it is necessary to use massage oil. So the effect will be better and the excellent result will not keep itself waiting.

It is important to create also weakening atmosphere for massage. Turn on the light and gentle music, light fragrant candles. Besides, temperature in the room has to be comfortable. While you do massage of one foot, the second should be covered with terry towel. Foot do massage by fingertips. It is necessary to begin massage with the warming movements. For this purpose take the foot arch one hand, and the second pound foot. It is necessary to mass each toe further. Special attention needs to be paid to heel. In this area skin rough therefore it is necessary to press stronger fingertips. Also it is impossible to disregard Achilles part of foot. Accurately do the massing movements up down. Besides, it is useful for ballerina to extend foot as. It is necessary to remember that it is most deeply necessary to mass bottom part of foot. Toes should not be pressed, they need to be kneaded softly. It becomes from nail to the basis of fingers. Each finger needs to be massed separately. All movements have to be quiet and weak. In the course of massage you can feel painful feelings. Painful dots speak about the weakened bodies. These points should be massed more carefully. Circular motions also are useful. For this purpose take toes one hand, and other hand accurately rotate anklebone at first in one party, and then in other party. If you correctly did massage, then improvement of exchange processes of organism and also great job of internals, healthy nervous system will be result. Besides you will improve state of mind and thereof there will be healthy sleep and immunity. The big advantage for legs and body is brought also by self-massage by foot. For this purpose it is useful to go to summertime on pebble and grass. In the winter you can fill stones or haricot in box and to go on them. Remarkable option of self-massage is also the massage rug in soul. If these options of self-massage do not suit you, you can buy the special massager for feet and enjoy self-massage and excellent mood.

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