How to insert earring into nose

How to insert earring into nose

Piercing – one of the most fashionable youth hobbies. Today in increasing frequency people meet earring in nose. Sometimes even solid ladies sometimes make up the mind to such step how to pierce to themselves nose. Piercing in nose. perhaps, will add to your image grace and coquetry.

It is required to you

  • Earring from medical steel


1. First of all it is worth taking care of earring. It is better to buy it previously. It has to be surely made of medical steel. It is necessary in order that the puncture as soon as possible began to heal. You can buy earring of any form especially as the choice is big. With specialized shop you will be helped by the experienced seller, he will tell about advantages of material of which the product is made.

2. Go to salon. Previously ask the acquaintances about the master who is engaged in it. Find the person with medical education and good practice as your health depends on his professionalism. The skilled master will perform the work quickly and without serious consequences and also will save from risk of entering of infection. Pay attention and to reputation of salon, look at tools and the equipment, estimate purity level. If everything suits you, then safely go to the procedure. Remember that you should not pierce nose in house conditions. You do not know all subtleties of this business. And the probability to bring infection is very high.

3. After you have pierced nose, there comes the healing period. Generally it is very painful. Each 3-4 hours need to be wiped the place of puncture with antiseptic agent.

4. After the channel for piercing begins to live, you can insert golden earring. Remember that before the procedure of piercing you should not take alcohol several days. Your organism already has the severe stress.

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