How to keep beautiful shape of breast for the rest of life

How to keep beautiful shape of breast for the rest of life

Women since ancient times are proud of the breast. Beauty and originality of this part of body attracts men. But with age the breast changes form, becomes not such roundish. How to avoid it?

The method which is most demanded now is knife of the surgeon, it can work wonders. But any breast surgery is fraught with negative consequences: difficulties with feeding of future children, possibility of development of oncological diseases, complications after operation.

But there is also easier way of preservation of ideal shapes of breast. At the same time it does not demand either money, or great efforts. These are the correct water procedures and small gymnastics.

From what the shape of breast spoils

The shape of breast spoils at the woman during pregnancy and feeding of children. Volumes increase, and then decrease. At the same time skin loses elasticity, muscles are not completely tightened. That to avoid it, it is necessary to carry out several rules.

Avoid hot water. Long-term bathtubs, saunas negatively affect shape of breast. And here the cool shower, on the contrary, promotes the best blood supply and tone of muscles.

Buy good linen. Bad linen, the low-quality or badly picked up bra too negatively affects form. It is better to wear good stuff and uniform of linen which as much as possible emphasizes your advantages.

Try to sunbathe less. The breast cannot be subjected to strong ultra-violet radiation. It can injure skin, cause burns, and afterwards and oncology.

How to keep beautiful breast

Do simple exercises for breast every day. Raise hands over the head and strong clench fists. You will feel how breast muscles strain. It is also possible to be wrung out from wall, too using these groups of muscles. It is necessary to carry out similar exercises till 10-20 times daily. And results will be in month.

Do breast skin massage after shower. Grindings possess pleasant feelings and promote rush of blood. Such actions too well influence muscles.

Every time when you carry something in hands, several times lift cargo to breast level. It will strain the necessary muscles. But it is better to do for both hands, and not just for one.

At big breast you do not go without bra. Linen helps to resist to gravity.

Beauty of the woman in many respects is in her hands. Only several minutes a day will allow to keep it for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team