How to keep beauty of hands

How to keep beauty of hands

High-quality care for skin of hands is possible also in house conditions. As it is correct to look after hands, will prompt councils of experienced cosmetologists. The correct comprehensive care includes protection, food, moistening and massage.

  • Silicone gloves;
  • Glycerin;
  • Peach or olive oil;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Water;
  • Sauerkraut juice;
  • Broth from potatoes.

1. Hands is business card of each woman. Well-groomed hands and nails very much decorate and thresh. And at the same time skin of hands grows old first of all. The correct care for skin of hands should be begun with daily protection. For example, regularly to use gloves in operating time on the house. Especially during washing, mopping and ware. Before putting on gloves, it will be required to grease hands with fat cream (it is possible for ordinary nurseries) and to wait until skin dries. It is better to use for work silicone gloves, but not rubber. They are on sale in drugstores and many supermarkets. The fir-tree needs to be in gloves several hours, from time to time it is necessary to allow hands to have a rest. For example, 2 hour of work – 10 minutes of rest. During rest it is recommended to grease hands with cream and to massage slightly. Hand cream can be made most. Such cream costs much cheaper and contains more useful substances, than purchased. It will be required: 30 milliliters of glycerin, 30 milliliters of peach or olive oil, 50 milliliters of water, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. All ingredients carefully mix up and cream is ready. The turned-out cream is stored in the fridge.

2. That skin of hands did not grow old, it needs to be fed and humidified. For this purpose it is regularly necessary to grease for the night hands with the moisturizing cream. You should not feel sorry for cosmetic, it is better to apply it plentifully, thick layer. 2-3 times a week are obligatory to do nutritious baths for hands. For this purpose water in which potatoes cooked is cooled, mixes up with juice from sauerkraut and is carefully stirred. In the received bath it is necessary to lower hands for 10-15 minutes. After that carefully to wipe them, but not to wash with water. These simple recipes will be prompted how to look after hands it is correct.

3. It is useful to include in manicuring also massage. It is necessary to allocate 10 minutes a day for it. It can be done in the morning, during the day or before going to bed. Having applied the chosen hand cream, it is necessary to massage each finger from the basis to tip. And then vigorously to rub palms the friend about the friend. It is also useful to clench fists and to warm up palms.

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