How to keep breast of beautiful

How to keep breast of beautiful

With age the breast often changes form and the size. Childbirth, feeding of the child too often not in the best way affect its appearance. Many resolve this issue in the surgical way. But it is much safer to think of that the breast has not lost the beauty in advance.


1. Any sharp fluctuations of weight negatively affect shape of breast. Avoid the diets yielding fast result. They can cause deterioration in appearance, emergence of extensions in the field of decollete. Weight loss and set of weight have to be gradual.

2. Correctly select bra that there was no feeling of tightness that it was convenient, but at the same time the breast has been raised. The correct linen is capable to keep beautiful forms for many years. The refusal of wearing bra gives effect of obvisaniye over time.

3. Try not to sleep on stomach. At such moments the breast is in unnatural situation and is deformed. Over time it can become noticeable. Optimum pose for dream without harm for health — on one side.

4. Regularly do exercises for improvement of shape of breast, for example, of squeezing. It is possible to carry out even from wall in standing position. Or clench fists of outstretched arms over the head. The main thing in similar exercises — regularity. Their performance guarantees ideal forms for the rest of life.

5. Breast skin, as well as other parts of body, needs food. Pick up cream for breast or sensitive skin of body and regularly grease this area. Especially it is useful after shower and acceptance of solar bathtubs. Special cream release for improvement of elasticity of skin of breast. They can be used too.

6. Sensitive skin of breast, and especially area of nipples, is afraid of ultra-violet radiation. Close breast when you sunbathe in the sun, do not subject it to excessive radiation. The minimum quantity of glands in the field conducts to the fact that from the sun skin becomes covered by early wrinkles.

7. For breast it is very useful to eat vegetable oils. Will approach usual sunflower, but it is possible to try olive, almond, cedar. Skin from them will be more velvety and elastic.

8. The hydromassage is very useful. Every time, taking shower, do not forget to direct water jet to area of breast. Similar massage leads to rush of blood to this area. It improves quality of skin. It is possible to do contrast shower, alternating cold and hot streams.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team