How to keep elasticity of breast

How to keep elasticity of breast

If you wish to keep elasticity of breast and not to get out of with age beautiful shape, be engaged in it already now. All this will demand from you forces and time, but the end result will justify the spent time. You with pride will show breast, causing envy of surrounding women and admiration of men.


1. Consider that, using the advertized means and, without doing anything any more, you will not be able to achieve the necessary effect. You need to be engaged almost daily in massage and to apply masks. Mix tablespoon of quality olive oil with small amount of cottage cheese. One tablespoon suffices. Add as much some sour cream. Mix and apply on your breast. You hold mask, as usual and after that wash away 15 – 20 minutes warm water.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of honey to 2 tablespoons of milk. Mix and rub in breast skin. To wash away in 20 minutes.

3. Mix 2 chicken yolks and 2 tablespoons of very heavy cream and add to them teaspoon of svezheotzhaty juice of lemon. Rub this mix in skin of breast and leave for 20 minutes.

4. Take clay in number of 2 tablespoons and as much honey. Properly mix and apply on breast. Procedure time – 20 minutes.

5. Scroll one lemon and cucumber via the meat grinder, and add teaspoon of sour cream and chicken yolk. Mix. You put mask for 20 minutes.

6. Use for massage of breast one of the easiest ways - hydromassage. For this purpose, taking shower, make average pressure of water. Circular motions of stream wash breast on 10 times in each party. Over breast and under it there are muscles which are responsible for maintenance of breast therefore pay to these zones special attention. You remember that, this massage will give effect only in case of its constant daily application. Carry out massage within about 8 - 10 minutes. After shower well pound skin towel and grease with the special means intended for correction of breast. You can use scattered stream also. It will have more sparing effect.

7. They say that women of ancient China massed the breast, placing it in palms and doing circular motions from shoulder to the center at the same time exhaling air. After that it is necessary to press slightly on breast and not to inhale about 20 seconds. It is necessary to repeat exercise five times.

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