How to keep forms at pregnancy

How to keep forms at pregnancy

When the woman is pregnant, the whole world buys absolutely other paints, other sense and other purposes. And the fact that it seemed very significant earlier ceases to have any value now. But it not always happens correctly. For example, is never necessary (even during pregnancy) to forget about the favourite figure. It still demands your leaving, only already more intensive to keep initial forms.


1. For a start consult with the doctor. He has to tell you how many you can during pregnancies to gather in weight. Considering various physiological needs of the woman, state of her health and the proceeding pregnancy, the doctor will calculate natural increase in weight. On average it fluctuates from 10-15 kg.

2. The modern medicine advises the women waiting for the kid to go to courses of yoga, massage and gymnastics for pregnant women. You are not lazy, be not afraid and surely register in such occupations (if, of course, it is not contraindicated to you and the doctor does not forbid). It, on the one hand, will favorably affect development of fruit, and with another - will provide full-fledged loading to muscles.

3. During pregnancy because of growth of fruit the woman's skin very strongly stretches. Connecting tissues of skin become less elastic, and it leads to extensions and hems on breast, hips and stomach. Therefore right now the body will require special attention to itself. To keep its elasticity and to prevent hems, use the body creams containing large amount of collagen. And, the more will contain in them this substance, the better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team