How to keep hairstyle during heat

How to keep hairstyle during heat

During high temperature and the increased humidity, whether it be the tropical tropical countries, or the period of summer heat in native climate, it is very difficult to keep the volume of hair and diligently done hair. To help with the solution of this problem and can facilitate life to hair in such conditions several simple councils.


  1. Besides shampoo it is also necessary to use and the conditioner which will have the moistening properties and to feed hair. Thanks to it curls will become less subject to external influence, and will be fluffy and curl not so.
  2. When using the hair dryer or iron it is necessary to protect hair from moisture evaporation. Sprays for thermal laying will help with it. They gently envelop each hair, and do not allow high temperatures to dry up curls.
  3. For hair curly or fluffy at high degree of humidity it is the best of all to use sprays or serums with technology antifreeze. But it is not necessary to be zealous strongly – such products are good only in small amounts, otherwise they only worsen situation.
  4. For drying of hair it is better to buy modern hair dryers which with technology of infrared beams and ionic components do not overdry hair, and, therefore, do not provoke formation of disobedient curls. During the process you should not touch hair with hands not to provoke them to formation of curls. Provide all this to the hair dryer and hairbrush.
  5. Hair should be dried completely, without leaving damp locks. It becomes then the reason of straightening of curls or formation of roughnesses on smooth hair. Before exit to the street it is necessary not only to dry up well hair, but also to give them time to cool down a little after thermal laying. Otherwise hairstyle it will not be simple to keep. It is the best of all to finish process of drying of hair with stream of cold air which will help to seal cuticle of hair and to set result.
  6. It is worth paying special attention to the choice of hairstyle which will be more suitable for hot climate. Sometimes much better instead of the dismissed curls to make elegant bunch or to braid braid. For the best smoothness of hair it is possible to use wax, and here for preservation nice curl – mousse.
  7. Shampoo should not contain sulfates and other harmful chemicals, and for convenient combing of curls for day the hairbrush can be processed usual hairspray.
  8. Collecting make-up bag, you should not forget to put in it serum with effect of anti-wave, hairspray and special hairbrush that these means always were near at hand at the right time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team