How to keep waist

How to keep waist

The waist – the most weak spot of figure, it as magnet "attracts" all excess calories. For preservation of the hourglasses silhouette it is possible to use corsets and the dragging-away underwear. But that there was no disappointment after removal of the adjusting articles of clothing, it is worth working and keeping slender waist.

It is required to you

  • - sportswear;
  • - hulakhup;
  • - disk;
  • - roller skates;
  • - skis, pipits.


1. Correctly construct diet. Eat 3-4 times a day at the same time. Forget about greasy fried food and also crackers, chips and other transgenic products.

2. For breakfast eat proteinaceous food and also the food containing long split carbohydrates, for example, fresh vegetables. During the lunchtime fill organism with cellulose and besides carbohydrates. Have supper not later than 18-19 hours and do not overeat.

3. Alternate sedentary work to physical activities. If there is not enough time for visit of the gym, go on foot more or change the car for the bicycle. Climb ladders, run in the mornings, swim.

4. To keep waist, evenly train organism, burning subcutaneous fat on all parts of the body. If you reduce waist measurement, and on hips will leave riding breeches, figure proportions will not remain.

5. Carry out physical exercises on oblique muscles of stomach. For this purpose from prone position on spin raise the head to the bent knees and twist trunk to the right, to the left. Remember that intensive exercises with additional loading pump up muscles and do waist even more widely therefore be not overzealous.

6. You twist hulakhup – it will help you to keep waist and to get rid of fat deposits. Besides, rotation of hoop strengthens muscles of legs and does them more harmonious. Make rotations by the body on disk, holding hands motionless subject.

7. To keep waist, devote days off not to watching television, but walks in the fresh air. Learn to ski in the winter, get up on roller skates in the flying. During physical activity you will have good mood, and it is important factor in fight against excess centimeters.

8. Being engaged in homework, you watch stomach muscles. Removing with the vacuum cleaner, make turns, straining oblique muscles. Turn on the music and during damp cleaning hop, do inclinations in the parties, rotate hips.

9. Register in dancing studio, choose any dances what are pleasant to you. Centimeters on waist disappear as in beat the Latin American dances, and Arab. Through several occupations you will feel result.

10. Put on so that to emphasize waist, but not to hide it. You wear the fitted dresses girded by belts. Put on flared skirt, it will visually increase hips, and the belt will reduce waist.

11. Fall in love, at last. Desire to be pleasant to darling in the best way affects waist measurement. Besides, sex burns calories not worse than two-hour training in the gym.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team