How to learn eyelash extension

How to learn eyelash extension

Some girls wish to learn to increase eyelashes independently not to spend spare cash and time for visit of the cosmetologist. This procedure does not demand carrying out difficult manipulations, and the speaking magnificent glance by which it is difficult to pass becomes its result.

Preparation for building

First of all it is necessary to get eyelashes – the whole bunch or separate bunches from synthetic or natural material. Natural artificial eyelashes are ideal option as they do not cause allergy and look more naturally. Also eyelash extension requires special glue which can be both completely transparent, and black that gives to eyelashes additional volume.

Purchase all components for this procedure in specialized stores, because of poor quality products may harm the eyes.

Except glue and artificial eyelashes, it is also necessary to prepare means for removal of make-up, convenient tweezers and dividing stick. Means should not be prepared on oily base as it dissolves glue. It is necessary to wipe with this means eyelids and eyelashes to degrease skin and to prepare it for eyelash extension.

Process: how to increase eyelashes, as at the master

Small amount of artificial eyelashes needs to be poured out on white paper and to pour small amount of glue on piece of cardboard. One eyelash accurately undertakes tweezers, is greased with glue on all length to the tip and accurately pasted between the natural eyelashes which before it need to be divided. For achievement the artificial eyelashes of a natural type need to be glued through one, and here super-volume will demand building with big and frequent gluing of bunches or cilia.

After the eyelash, they will have to adjust every two weeks to restore thickness and neat appearance.

After completion of the procedure, the increased eyelashes cannot be touched and washed within several hours. It is quite simple to look after them – the main condition is in it is as little as possible to touch them with hands. It is necessary to remove make-up only the means which are not containing various oils, and it is whenever possible best of all to exclude ink in general not to damage to eyelashes movements of brush and composition of ink. The increased beauty will hold on about two-three weeks at timely correction. After that eyelashes can be removed by means of usual vegetable oil – to grease with it eyelashes enough and to take so several hours. Then artificial bunches accurately are removed by means of cotton tampon, and eyelids are greased with hypoallergenic cream to calm skin after glue.

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