How to learn it is beautiful to smile

How to learn it is beautiful to smile

smile is capable to fascinate or frighten off your interlocutor instantly. To learn to smile beautifully, it is necessary to work on itself constantly. Important not only to carry out trainings of muscles, but also to watch condition of appearance of lips and oral cavities.

It is required to you

  • Hygienic lipstick, make-up of lips, performance of mimic exercises, oral cavity care.


  1. The most beautiful smile is symmetric smile. If not to develop mimic muscles by means of exercises, then to possess beautiful smile it will not turn out.
  2. To receive beautiful smile, it is necessary to watch also condition of oral cavity. It is regularly necessary to visit the stomatologist and to look after the teeth.
  3. The correct make-up of lips has great influence on smile. Even the most beautiful smile can be spoiled ineptly applied lipstick. If there are difficulties with selection of the correct make-up for lips, it is possible to address for council the professional makeup artist.
  4. It is important not to forget about care for skin of lips. Do not allow its dryness and emergence of cracks. For leaving it is necessary to use special balms, cream and hygienic lipstick.
  5. To learn to smile beautifully, carry out special exercises. For example, for performance of such exercise as proboscis, it is necessary to extend lips together and then to relax them. Twice a day on 15 pulling.
  6. It is possible to execute the following exercise: to gather air in lungs, then, having densely squeezed lips, to exhale it. In this exercise muscles of cheeks actively work.
  7. Also good training for forming of beautiful smile will be exercise at which it is necessary to make lips tubule and to trace the eight in air. After performance of exercise let's lips relax.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team