How to learn to braid beautiful braids

How to learn to braid beautiful braids

Braids - one of the simplest options of hairstyles. At the same time the braid can look romantically, expressly etnichno, childishly or elegantly - everything depends on way of weaving. Master several basic receptions, improve and combine them - so you will be able quickly to put the head in order without participation of the stylist.

French braids

The French braid can become basis of many hairstyles. The simplest option - the wide basket sprained on nape. Wash up the head, rub the indelible conditioner balm which is giving volume and removing surplus of static electricity in hair. Dry up hair phenom and comb crest with rare teeths. If locks continue to be fluffy, sprinkle them the fixing spray or hairspray of weak fixing.

Separate a few hair it is necessary forehead and divide them into three parts. Begin weaving, gradually attaching to lock braid from bulk. You watch that the basket was equal and not too hard. It is possible not to smooth the beaten-out hairs - easy negligence in fashion now. Having brought braid to nape, continue simple weaving without accession of locks. Fix the end of braid by thin elastic band in hair color.

It is possible to leave braid to fall on spin. But much more elegantly the sprained braid looks. Put it and accurately push under weaving. Fix hairstyle by hairpins, sticking them from top to down. For bigger reliability the hairstyle can be recorded large flat hairpin.

Return French braid

Try very simple and amusing hairstyle from several braids. It will be ideal for owners of long and semi-long hair. Comb clean hair, sprinkle them spray for laying and divide into five equal parts. Fix everyone by hairpin. Split one part of hair, separate three thin locks and begin to do the return French plait. Its difference from usual that locks cross under basket. Attach to braid hair from bulk, watching uniformity of weaving. Having finished, tie the end of braid elastic band or bright lace. Repeat reception with the remained four parts of hair. Sprinkle ready hairstyle varnish of moderate fixing.

Braid basket

Such hairstyle perfectly will approach dresses in ethno-style or to romantic dresses. Sprinkle hair the fixing spray and comb them on parting at the side. Separate three thin locks on the right side from hair parting and begin weaving, moving to the right. Attach small portions of hair from the remained weight and stack braid in the manner of wreath. You can shift basket on forehead or lift it closer to the top. Doplety braid to the right ear, begin to conduct wreath to the left temple. Do not pull together hair, they have to lay down softly and freely. Hairpins are not required - correctly weaved braid will hold any, even the most magnificent bush of hair. Having reached the left side of hair parting, tie braid lace and twist inside, tricks small hairpin. Fix hairstyle by varnish.

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