How to learn to do design on nails

How to learn to do design on nails

In shops it is possible to find the huge range of various nail varnishes with various effects. However the real skilled workers of it have not enough. They want to have own, individual and unique manicure. How to receive it? To master receptions of neyl-design.

It is required to you

  • - nail varnishes of different flowers;
  • - the leveling base;
  • - upper covering with gloss;
  • - ready stickers;
  • - varnish with spangles;
  • - stamps;
  • - decorative pearls.


1. Before being engaged in creativity, surely make manicure – with own hand or in salon. The unusual design will draw attention to hands – therefore their state has to be faultless. File nails, remove cuticle and carefully polish surface. For bigger smoothness cover it with the leveling base – so manicure will longer keep beautiful view.

2. Gain ready motives for decoration of manicure. They very much will help out if you are not able to draw or are afraid that you will not be able to repeat the pleasant pattern on several fingers. On sale mini-stickers in the form of various figures, openwork and brilliant overlays, special stamps for creation of various drawings meet. Do not buy up everything – choose couple of interesting options, embody them on hands. If the result is pleasant to you, it is possible to think of expansion of collection.

3. Cover nails with two layers of enamel of pistachio-green or mint shade. Dry them and put with thin brush any arches which are crossed in upper part of nail. Use golden glitter and overlays for the French manicure – they will allow to put flat lines. Cover the drawing with top with effect of drying, and to the place of crossing of arches attach decorative sticker in the form of lemon circle. Very beautiful summer manicure will turn out.

4. For solemn occasions use pearls and rhinestones. Do not attach them on light varnish – it looks boringly. Enamel nails of dark cherry or crimson color in two or three layers. It is ideal if varnish contains small spangles – it will give to manicure the volume and depth. Apply on nails layer of upper covering with gloss. On little finger of the left hand paste 4-5 pearls, and on ring finger of right – 5-6 more pieces. Such manicure looks very effectively, besides it is simple performed by.

5. For daily manicure use special stamps. The drawing can be done by paints or usual varnish of contrast color. Cover nails with white enamel, well dry them. Apply black varnish on the drawing attached to stamp, remove surplus with scraper. Quickly apply small pillow of stamp to the drawing and transfer it to nail. On sale various motives – flowers, butterflies, abstract patterns with which it is possible to cover all nail or only its part meet. From above put brilliant top – they will give to manicure luster and will record the drawing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team