How to learn to go as model

How to learn to go as model

business not such idle time as it seems at first sight. It is wearisome work which demands careful trainings. Ideal model gait – one of the most difficult components of this profession. Each woman secretly sighs and wants to learn to go as model.

It is required to you

  • - books,
  • - scissors,
  • - adhesive tape,
  • - trainings


  1. To learn to go as model, get up exactly, be tightened, widely straighten shoulders, the chin has to be parallel to floor. Hands are slightly bent in elbow. Walk about the room. Your step has to be light and natural. But from the first at you it will hardly turn out well.
  2. Take several thick books, put them to yourself on the head and pass about the room. You have to hold books on the head. As soon as the pile falls, set up it on the head again and repeat anew. Straighten back, take away shoulders back. You keep in the tightened condition of muscle of stomach and buttocks.
  3. To go as model, you need to carry out daily special exercises for strengthening of muscles of stomach and buttocks. For this purpose put legs more widely than the level of shoulders, part socks aside, and carry out squats. Also carry out one more exercise. Lay down on back and touch with the right knee elbow of the left hand, the left knee elbow of the right hand, and so alternate during 30 times. In week increase loading.
  4. Also take color adhesive tape and scissors, cut off 4-5 meters and paste on floor the flat line. Take small steps, going strictly on the line. During step you have to shake slightly hips. Your eye has to be turned forward, but at first you can spy. On your face always there has to be unostentatious smile.
  5. If home trainings have not helped you, use services of the professional coach. For this purpose find the instructor suitable you in the Internet. And he for a short time will teach you to go correctly!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team