How to learn to impose make-up

How to learn to impose make-up

Art of make-up – business thin, but quite available in order that practically any woman could master it. Perhaps, you will not become the professional makeup artist, but will be able correctly to put meyk-ap to yourself, and then and to girlfriends. And ways to learn it can be a little.


  1. Practice more. At first performance of full meyk-ap will take a lot of time you. But then you learn to do quicker and quicker. Besides it is good opportunity to experiment with colors and textures. By practical consideration you will be able to pick up various type of make-up for different situations. Choose the photo which was pleasant to you from the magazine and try to repeat the image shown on it. Through some time it surely will turn out.
  2. Study manuals on drawing make-up. There it is in detail told about how to impose make-up at various face type how to camouflage any given its shortcomings. Also there it is possible to read for what any given brush is necessary and as it is correct to use them.
  3. Now it is possible to find set of rollers which are in detail shown by various technicians of performance of make-up in network. Having tried to execute them independently, define whether they suit you. And besides you will get the hand in use of different cosmetics.
  4. About performance of some receptions it is possible to read in glossy magazines. Beautiful photos not only will give pleasure from viewing, but also will demonstrate as all this has to look in life. Besides such photos are always followed by names of the used cosmetics. It considerably will simplify the choice necessary for your make-up.
  5. Go to courses. Professional makeup artists will in detail tell and will show technology of performance of different types of make-up. You will be able to ask the questions interesting you and to try it under supervision of professionals. If necessary they will introduce amendments in your equipment. And, of course, each professional has many secrets which he uses in the work. You have chance to learn about them that afterwards it is successful to use them.
  6. Do not hesitate to visit stands of the famous producers. Quite often as advertizing campaigns arrange meetings with professional makeup artists there. They will help to pick up colors and textures which will suit you. Ask the expert on what means will suit your skin what it is possible to use receptions to hide some face defects.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team