How to learn to look after skin

How to learn to look after skin

Skin is natural reliable cover which protects your organism from environmental impact. It performs thermoregulatory, respiratory and receptor function. The correct skin care is guarantee of normal functioning of all organism.


1. Limit use of antiprespirant. You should not do this every day as regular slowing down of process of release of sweat can do serious harm to organism. Besides components of antiprespirant can over time accumulate on skin.

2. Periodically visit baths or saunas, it will provide to your skin complex clarification.

3. For this purpose that skin remained young and elastic, begin morning with physical exercises. Thus, you stimulate blood-groove in capillaries, and skin will receive more food.

4. Daily take shower. Means for cleaning of body select skin according to your type: ordinary soap or shower gel will be suitable for fat, and dry skin needs soft children's soap and regular use of the softening and moisturizing creams.

5. Take baths with addition of essential oils. They well influence skin, and use of various bath salts weakens and supports body skin in good tone.

6. Use two different towels for skin of body and the person. Using one towel, you promote distribution of microbes and bacteria which can do harm to sensitive face skin.

7. For maintenance of skin in tone it is regularly necessary to carry out its deep cleaning — peeling. By means of this procedure you remove the keratosic layer and stimulate process of cell renewal. For body it is necessary to use srubs with large crystals, and for the person — with smaller. It is desirable to make the procedure once a week.

8. After visit shower or after bathtub and also (surely!) after peeling, skin needs moistening. For this purpose it is possible to use the lotions, oils and cream intended for your type of skin.

9. Do not forget to remove make-up before going to bed. Otherwise pores on skin are clogged up that can become the reason of appearance of heat-spots and eels.

10. The healthy, balanced food is necessary. Try to include fruit, berries, nuts, milk in the diet.

11. Have more a rest. At night sebaceous glands independently moisturize the skin, collagen is produced, there is cell regeneration twice quicker.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team