How to learn whether the bang will suit you

How to learn whether the bang will suit you

Being going to change hairstyle, many women try to provide in advance as they will look. Whether it is possible to learn precisely, the bang to the person will go or not? What length does it have to be?


  1. Use computer programs of selection of hairstyles or pass test on the Internet. Load the photo into the program and choose the hairstyle, the most suitable to form and type of your person. Almost any woman can pick up bang, and it practically will never be unfashionable. Only color, length and tilt angle change. Programs are convenient also that you at the same time have opportunity to experiment also with hair color and also other conditions: type of hair, make-up.
  2. Pick up bang according to shape of face for the following criteria. If you have high forehead, you perfectly will suit long direct bang. It is recommended most often by hairdressers. The direct bang will make features softer and more correct, besides, you will seem to yourself younger. The only condition under which it is impossible to do it – very fine hair. They quickly become soiled, such bang will seem grease.
  3. If your face has the form close to triangle, make rather thin bang in the form of arch. Let it easily fall down on forehead and looks very naturally. Such form will help to counterbalance and soften angular features. Tips of bang need to be wound slightly inside, and then to tousle it.
  4. With round face it is better for woman to make long rather thin bang with easy tapering. It will force face to be shown more long, however you should not abuse means for laying. Use smooth hair shampoo, and your bang will be charming.
  5. Trust in professionals. The skillful and skilled master will pick up such type of bang which will emphasize your individual appeal and originality.
  6. Be not afraid of changes in the appearance. The suitable bang can be made to any person at any type of hair. Also it can help to hide some shortcomings of appearance, will give accent to your eyes and will emphasize softness of lines of cheekbones.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team