How to learn whether the red hair color will suit you

How to learn whether the red hair color will suit you

From shade of your skin, color of eyes, the constitution of figure and age depends, you will suit red hair color or not. There is set of shades of this color. That the result of coloring has met your expectations, it is necessary to pick up that shade which will suit.

Define the tsvetotip

To learn, you will suit red hair color or not, it is necessary to define the tsvetotip in the beginning. As a rule, red the spring or winter is suitable for tsvetotip. If you treat winter, you have bright appearance: dark hair, brown eyes, light skin. If you the owner of light skin and light shade of hair, yours tsvetotip - spring. In both cases choose very warm red shade. It can be rather bright, but at the same time natural.

It is very important that the shade of your skin was light. Red hair seldom suit girls with swarty skin. If you have green or blue eyes, the probability that the red hair color will suit you really is high.

If you do not wish to experiment with hair, just apply red lock to the person. The lock can be got in catalogs where shades of paints are provided. If opportunity to measure red wig is provided to you, by all means make it. One more good option is consultation with the personal hairdresser. He for certain will give piece of good advice concerning that, you will suit red color or not. Try to use special services of fitting of hairstyles online. You need to upload the photo to the site only. The special program will process it, and you have opportunity to try on various hairstyles, changing at the same time hair color.

Trial coloring

To learn the most certain way, will go or not red hair color, it to execute trial coloring. It is possible to dye only part of hair. For example, bang. And it is possible to dye hair completely. Buy special coloring balm which does not change structure of hair. In such balm there is no ammonia therefore it is harmless. Dye of coloring balm does not get deeply into hair, and paints its surface. Therefore hair that the natural hair color has returned to you are enough to wash 5-6 times. Apply coloring balm on clean and moist hair after washing of the head. After that put on polyethylene hat the head. You hold balm on the head no more than half an hour. If you have dark hair, can take substance on hair a little more than 30 minutes. Harm from it will not be, but color will turn out more intensive. After the necessary amount of time, well wash locks with water. It is necessary to wash hair until from them clear water does not begin to flow. Shampoo at the same time should not be used. As it will wash away color. After that dry up hair in the natural way or the hair dryer. Look in mirror. If you accept result, remember how many precisely on time you held balm on hair. When color is washed up from hair, again use coloring coloring. Besides, it is possible to pick up resistant hair-dye of the same shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team