How to look after body skin

How to look after body skin

Most of girls pay attention to body skin care. Special leaving is, as a rule, various cosmetics, masks and srubs. Body care plays not the last role in human health.

Main enemies of beautiful and sound body:

  • improper feeding — in diet there have to be vitamins, proteins;
  • stress which promotes aging acceleration;
  • sleep debt — the healthy sleep has to last not less than 8 hours.

Stages of care for body skin

Clarification. It is not necessary to take bath in hot or cold water, temperature has to be moderate. During the water procedures it is worth using the sparing means without soap, it is not necessary to pound the body rigid basts, it is better to do the rotary, smooth motions, at this moment the keratosic skin peels. Bathing procedures should not exceed 15–20 minutes, it is necessary to wipe carefully skin the patting movements. At the time of acceptance of bathtub it is possible to use essential oils, sea salt which well affect blood circulation and improvement of nervous system. Two times a week are desirable to apply various nutritious and tonic srubs to oily skin, and for normal enough once a week.

Moistening and nutrition. After the bathing procedures it is recommended to use nutritious and moistening cream. It is worth applying cosmetics in small quantities and it is not too frequent. But for each type of skin certain type of cosmetics has to be picked up.

  • Dry skin. It is better to use dense cream, and in cold season to use body oil.
  • Oily skin. Cream has to be moistening or vitamin, has to include grape seed oil or hazelnut, aloe belief, herbs.
  • The combined skin. Nutritious cream which part A, E, D vitamins have to be is necessary. It is possible to use milk or tonic every day.

It is important for body:

  • to protect skin from sunshine;
  • to apply sunblock cream in hot days;
  • to eat properly;
  • to use enough water;
  • to wash as often as possible cool water;
  • to apply cosmetics in 20 minutes after washing;
  • to get rid of addictions;
  • to put on in winter season more warmly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team