How to look after brushes for make-up

How to look after brushes for make-up

Qualitative brushes for make-up help to apply precisely and quickly decorative cosmetics. Good set of such accessories costs expensive. That brushes have served as long as possible and have not lost the consumer qualities, it is necessary to look after them attentively.

It is required to you

  • - soft soap or shampoo;
  • - wet towel wipes;
  • - terry towel;
  • - tea tree oil;
  • - solution of chlorhexidin.


  1. New brushes before the use need to be washed up. Wet them warm water, put drop of soft shampoo or gel, slightly rub pile fingers and rinse under stream of warm water. You dry brushes, having spread out them on thick terry towel. Especially attentively handle the accessories having handles from natural wood. From surplus of moisture they can crack, and varnish - oblezt. Before unfolding of brushes on drying carefully blot with towel pile and wipe handles.
  2. Wipe brushes for shadows and eyeliner after each use with the wet antibacterial towel wipes or cotton pads impregnated with disinfecting lotion. After this procedure pile it is necessary to dry and remove accessories on storage in case. Brushes which you use daily can be stored in glass pile up. However the accessories left in the open air can become dusty.
  3. If you do not use tools every day, store them in cases or clean linen sacks. Do not remove on storage damp brushes with cosmetics traces - pile can deteriorate or get unpleasant smell.
  4. Accessories for causing tone, the proofreader, creamy blush and also brushes for overlaying of masks wash after each use. Once a week is enough to process devices for putting powder or dry shadows. In small bowl with warm water dissolve shampoo, drip in solution tea tree oil and carefully wash out pile. After processing rinse tools in flowing water.
  5. Before putting brushes on drying, blot pile with towel and fingers give it the initial form. It is especially important for flat or figurno the cut-off brushes. If not to level pile, after drying it will be fluffy, and the make-up will lay down unevenly. The dropping-out or breaking off hairs - indicator of wear of brush. Replace it, having got new, qualitative model.
  6. Putting make-up on face with inflammations and comedones, be especially attentive to purity of brushes. After baths with shampoo presoak them in sanitizer - for example, solution of chlorhexidin which can be got in drugstore. After processing blot pile with towel and you dry, as usual.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team