How to look after face skin during the summer period

How to look after face skin during the summer period

In the flying face skin requires special care. The sun during this period contains too many ultraviolet rays. Fat and sebaceous glands during heat work more actively, than ever therefore your skin needs deep cleansing.

Pay special attention to your skin for all day. Every morning begin with washing. Before it wipe face with ice cubes. If you have too sensitive skin, wrap ice in thin napkin. Cold will narrow enlarged pores. If you have problem skin, use cucumber juice. He will make it opaque and also will remove reddening.

Prepare camomile decoction and fill in it in icetray. The camomile possesses the antiseptic and calming action. In the evening surely use gel for washing. It will purify leather from pollution and dust.

After washing it is recommended to wipe face with lotion. It is the best of all to use the lotion prepared from natural products. If you have oily skin, prepare the following solution. Mix boric acid, salicylic solution, levomitsetin and calendula tincture. You can buy all these ingredients in drugstore. Lotion perfectly dries heat-spots and also deeply cleans and tones up skin.

Prepare lotion from potato. Cook potato, and merge the water which has remained after it in separate capacity. Let's lotion cool down. Then wipe skin in the morning and in the evening after washing. This means is suitable practically for any type of skin. After lotion it is necessary to apply the moisturizing cream. In the flying your skin needs moisture.

Several times a week it is necessary to do face packs. The mask will make your skin of white clay clean and also will give it opaque shade. Take powder of clay and water in equal proportions. Carefully mix components — at you homogeneous mass has to turn out. Then put mask on face and leave for 10-15 minutes. Further wash away cool water.

There is in the flying opportunity to do masks of fruit and vegetables. Cut strawberry and put pieces on the person. It will make your skin more elastic. Prepare by just the same method cucumber mask. It has the bleaching and calming effect.

Every day do light massage of the person. Thanks to it, blood will circulate more actively that will allow to improve complexion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team