How to look after hair by means of oils

How to look after hair by means of oils

Did you regularly straighten, twisted, dried, extended hair and have noticed that the hairstyle became far worse to look, than before? Hair have become thinner, have weakened, have begun to drop out? Oils – the real treasure for fans of home care of hair will come to the rescue.

Purchased masks, of course, all are good: have opened jar – have put – have taken – have received result. Here only this result often temporary, cosmetic: hair are not revitalized, and just look good that, you see, not the same. Therefore I recommend you several effective oil masks which will revitalize your hair, and will give them well-groomed look.

The most, perhaps, well-known – burdock oil which can be found in any drugstore. Now producers add to this oil and other components as, for example, wheat germ oil, extract of nettle and many other things is the double advantage. It is possible to put only burdock or to mix it with other oils, anyway hair will be satisfied!

So, it is necessary to warm up oil a little on water bath or under hot water jet and to distribute evenly on hair from roots on all length. It will be even more effective than Musk if to warm the head - upward to put on plastic bag and cap.

It is necessary to hold mask hour, then to wash away that it is not so simple. Prepare for the long procedure of washing of the head, I wash away this mask in three approaches. After drying the hair are moistened, shine, are not electrified. At regular (once a week) use of mask hair grow quicker, look healthy and saturated.

The following treasure – castor oil. It considerably thickens structure of hair therefore from its constant use it seems that hair considerably darken. However actually they become just thicker. By the way, you for certain know that it is useful for data to oil eyelashes and eyebrows which also become thicker and seem longer.

Castor oil before use, as well as burdock, we heat and we apply on all length of hair from roots, we warm the head and we hold hour. Oil quite dense and heavy therefore it is difficult to wash away it, the head it is necessary to wash at least two times (but better three – that for certain).

I recommend to use castoric in combination with other oils that it was even more advantage. For example, recipe of my favourite mask:

  • We take burdock oil as basis – about 50% of all structure.
  • We add 20% of castor oil, 20% of oil of dogrose, 10% of sea-buckthorn oil.
  • We warm up mix on water bath a little and we put according to the same scheme, as the previous masks.
  • We wash away in hour, for full clarification it is necessary to wash out the head three times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team