How to look after hair in the winter

How to look after hair in the winter

Cold air, the lowered humidity in rooms because of operation of heating devices, lack of nutrients - all these factors not too favorably influence condition of skin and hair during the winter period. In order that hair remained healthy and obedient even in the winter, it is necessary to conform to the simple rules of leaving.

Dim, brittle and dry hair with split ends in the winter - not rarity as drops of temperature and humidity of air lead to deterioration in blood supply of hair bulbs, and the weakened fine hair during the winter period becomes even more vulnerable, than usually. To protect hair from pernicious impact of cold weather not so difficult as it seems.

  1. Control water temperature when washing hair. Water should not be too hot as it dries up hair even stronger and enhances their fragility. Water has to be warm, and for rinsing it is recommended to use cool water. The contrast of temperatures will improve blood circulation of head skin, so, will improve food of hair bulbs. Do not forget about conditioner which protects hair from harmful external effects and improves their structure.
  2. Abstain from hot laying. Curling irons, nippers and irons overheat hair which are already subject to aggressive impact of cold and dry air. Drying of hair by the hair dryer on the cold mode of blowing is allowed. If time allows, it is recommended to dry hair naturally, without using the hair dryer and means for laying.
  3. Refuse aggressive dyes. Coloring weakens hair therefore it is worth giving preference to coloring means and the sparing bezammiachny paints in the winter. Also coloring of hair by natural means - henna and basmy is allowed. The chemical wave and carving also should be postponed until warm season, having replaced these procedures with biolamination or keratinaceous hair straightening. These procedures well affect structure of hair, do them smooth, healthy and obedient.
  4. Use the strengthening masks. During the winter period the hair need additional moistening and nutrition. Only one nutritious mask for hair in week will give positive effect, and in case of the increased dryness and fragility of hair of mask it is recommended to put twice a week.
  5. You watch the diet - food has to be balanced and vitamin-rich and minerals. In the daily menu there has to be fish, fermented milk products, vegetables and fruit, porridges, nuts, low-fat meat. Healthy nutrition - the faithful companion of health and beauty, especially during the winter period when the shortage of nutrients becomes especially noticeable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team