How to look after hands

How to look after hands

Daily hands are used for performance of various actions therefore their skin is most vulnerable to damages and dryness. Hands is show-window of the person therefore it is necessary to care for their appearance, making procedures for their beauty.

The correct manicuring allows to keep their young state long. Besides, correctly picked up procedures will allow to get rid of the dry and cracked epidermis. Smooth and soft skin will be result of correctly carried out treatment.

Popular procedures for hands

Paraffin processing - is the excellent procedure, with the moistening and regenerating properties. Paraffin slows down skin aging, and improves blood circulation. It is worth knowing that it also improves condition of nails.

The peeling is also good care method. This type of treatment allows to peel dead epidermis therefore skin becomes more smooth, and looks younger, and its color also improves. Processing of hands srub before putting cosmetics, allows it to be absorbed better in skin, and, therefore, masks and tonics render magic effect.

Going to beauty shop to procedures, it is recommended to make professional processing of nails. There is set of methods of natural manicure — classical, Japanese, biological or medical, among other. The purpose of manicure is to model, smooth and feed nail plate and also to look after cuticle.

What hand soap to use

Least of all to subject hands to irritation and drying, it is the best of all to use neutral soap which is close to pH of our skin. Soap with addition of the moisturizing cream and vegetable oils also is the good choice. 

What cream to choose

On palms very few sebaceous glands therefore skin in this place is quickly dehydrated. Every time mine hands with soap, protective cover disappears. Hand, deprived of it, look dry, become rough, red and cracked, skin peels off and nails break. Restoration of protective layer, unfortunately, lasts long very much (even several hours) therefore it is very important to look after correctly them, and right after washing or disinfection to apply the moisturizing cream.

Qualities which good cream has to have

It has to interfere with evaporation of water from outer layers of epidermis, to be feeding — to contain vitamins which smooth, elastizirut and moisturize the skin, most often: A, E, B, C and F, has to contain glycerin and silicone. It always should be had near at hand. Right after putting cream it is better to touch nothing, simply to wait until it completely is absorbed.

Contraindications to treatment

It is not necessary to carry out procedures for hands in beauty shop, at mycosis or the milkwoman. Contraindications are also purulent, inflammatory and allergic states, not healing wounds, cracks in epidermis and infection.

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