How to look after itself in the evening

How to look after itself in the evening

After the intense working day the personal care does not seem it pleasant occupation any more. And in vain. If to find a little time for full reduction of in order, the advantage of it will be essential.

In the theory, it is easier to look after himself in the evening, than in the morning as there is no special time limit. However, as practice shows, house efforts take away huge amount of time and to find for themselves some time, it is necessary to try. This system allows to combine personal care and ordinary house efforts.

Of course, the rule number one - never to go to bed in make-up. It just murder for your skin. So at least you should purify well skin for the night. If time allows, we advise you to use the two-level system of clarification. At first by means of special means remove make-up. Micellar water during the summer period or oil in winter can be good option. Whenever possible use different means for skin and for eyes.

After main "dekorativka" is removed, it is a high time to wash with special means. Be guided by season, selecting consistences of means for washing. After leather is completely purified, it is a high time to wipe face with tonic, thereby preparing it for drawing mask.

Make the own schedule of masks for every day. For example: pn - the cleaning mask; W - moisturizing mask; sr - peeling; cht - tonic mask; pt - moisturizing mask; sb - peeling; vs - mask for skin shine. Selection of masks can be especially individual, be guided by requirements of the skin. While the mask dries, you can do household chores. However consider that with masks of "house" production (for example, from cucumber, potatoes or porridge) number with circulation on the house will not give a ride - all slush from your face will immediately remove on floor. So for economy choose masks of industrial production.

Having sustained mask time specified on packing remove in its way specified on pack and repeatedly wipe face with tonic. Serially apply serum, skin cream around eyes of night care and night cream, taking break between these means 10-15 minutes which you can also use on household chores. Such scheme will allow means to work most effectively, thereby having prevented possible side effects (for example if not to give to cream around eyes properly to be absorbed, bags under eyes are provided to you).

After careful face care there comes time of care for body. Take shower with the cleaning gel, use srub (try to apply its time in 2-3 days), put milk for body. Just before withdrawal for sleeping apply lip balm and use leg and hands creams. Apply oil on hair provided that next morning you are going to wash up the head. Everything, you are well-groomed from tips of hair to finger-tips!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team