How to look after problem skin of back

How to look after problem skin of back

The open back will always look tempting. But what to do if it is covered not with so nice pimples? Perhaps, back skin just requires the correct care.

Spring! It will be very soon possible to sunbathe and wear open clothes therefore it is a high time to think of beauty of back. Let's prepare in a complex – we will think not only of relief of muscles of back, but also of beauty of her skin.

If the back is covered with pimples, you will hardly want to open it to foreign looks on the beach or, especially, to shine at party in dress with the bared shoulders, even the natural or received by way of hours-long trainings beauty of forms will not be so attractive without well-groomed equal skin any more.

Let's consider such widespread problem as lack of clarification and the wrong skin care owing to what skin takes modest form.

What to do if skin of back is far from ideal?

Daily action plan:

In the morning and purify back skin in the evening – wash it with the special means intended for oily skin and called, cleaning, to disinfect and calm at the same time skin with inflammations (it can be, for example, shower gels which part tea tree oil or tar is).

After shower wipe skin with disinfecting tonic. It is possible to apply tea tree oil on inflammations pointwise. Use low-fat cream of light consistence.

Weekly action plan:

If on skin there are no open inflammations or abscesses, use the peeling or soft srub containing fine particles. Do not use rigid srubs with sharp abrasive particles since they can injure skin and, having opened fresh abscesses, to carry infection on all back.

Clay masks are very useful to weekly clarification of skin of back. They well clean and update skin, normalize work of sebaceous glands, have antiseptic effect. Choose the clay which is the most suitable to your type of skin and your requirements. You put clay mask approximately for 20 minutes, then it can be washed away warm water, easily massing skin.

After peeling and mask do not forget to wipe skin with tonic and to apply the calming cream (for example, with the maintenance of aloe).

It is useful to know:

If inflammations are in active stage, it is not necessary to take bath or to visit bath. Try to get rid of habit to press pimples. As a rule, it is the reason of emergence of new rashes. If you after all have not restrained, surely wipe those places which you touched with some antiseptic. Avoid the aggressive means containing alcohol.

Try to wear clothes from natural fabrics, not too adjacent to body. The fitting synthetic clothes provoke the increased sweating and do not allow skin to breathe freely owing to what time is quickly hammered, and the skin fat blocked by tight clothes creates favorable environment for development of bacteria and emergence of new inflammations.

If you want to take bath, it can be done in the absence of active inflammations, having added coniferous extract or sea salt to water. It is not necessary to add to means bathtub with high content of oils.

The most important in leaving – regularity. Following this advice, you will be able to see result in month since approximately for this term skin will be updated (skin is updated quicker at young age, with age the speed of its updating slows down) and results of your works will become noticeable. Look after your skin and be beautiful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team