How to look after skin at the dacha

How to look after skin at the dacha

At the dacha we spend under the open sun much time, and the sun not in the best way influences condition of skin. Does it dry and rough, pigmental spots appear. Therefore being at the dacha, do not forget about the skin care. Note to yourself the following 7 rules of care for skin at the dacha.


1. If during the day you spend under the open sky much time, then you need to use sun-protection cosmetics.

2. During the period about 11.00.-15.00 sun is the most active. Not to do much harm direct sunshine during midday heat, postpone all works on the site to later time. The most favorable time is the period with 17.00-19.00.

3. You wear clothes from natural fabric, it is desirable from cotton that your skin could breathe. Surely you carry headdress, it you will save not only gentle face skin, but also hair from fading, but also self-evident, from heatstroke. Besides take care of skin of neck and decollete which quickly grows old. It is better to hide this zone under t-shirts with superficial cut.

4. That skin always remained elastic, your organism should consume a lot of liquid. Therefore, working at the site do not forget about plentiful drink and you hold near at hand drinks, such as tea, mineral water and plain clear water.

5. You remember hands. Try to carry out all works with the earth, flowers and other plants in gloves. They will protect your skin from scratches, hits in wounds of dirt and will keep your skin of beautiful. Besides, do not forget to apply nutritious hand cream under gloves.

6. You apply to skin bodies after shower or bath moistening cream. They will help to keep skin of healthy and will save from siccation.

7. To avoid damage of cosmetics during heat at the dacha, you store it on the lower shelves of the fridge. As the heat can negatively affect quality of cosmetics and cause allergy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team