How to look after skin in 40 years

In 40 years, skin becomes thinner and less elastic, the complexion grows dull. Not to lose beauty, it is necessary to look after skin carefully. To procedures for clarification and moistening care of food and regeneration increases. At your service whole range of creams, gels, peelings and serums.


1. Leaving basis - skin clarification. Every evening remove make-up milk or hydrophilic oil, and then wash with soft skin on plant extracts. Two-phase washing well purifies skin and does not overdry it. If tap water seems to you too rigid, use for washing water from bottles.

2. After 40 you should not abuse srubs. Instead of them use peelings on the basis of fruit acids. You put them twice a week. Such means delicately delete the died-off skin cells, level its relief and improve color.

3. After washing clean face soft tonic without alcohol content. Try the moistening means with addition of vegetable peptides and hyaluronic acid. They promote regeneration of skin and prepare it for cream perception. The flower hydrolat or micellar water can become alternative to tonic.

4. Use protective creams in the afternoon, and nutritious leave for the night. With age even oily skin becomes less dry and needs recovery of water and lipidic balance. For the night impose creams or serums Retinolum and vitamin C - they well restore skin tone, reduce time and slightly bring up the person.

5. Time or two in week do nutritious masks. It is possible to use the checked house recipes - for example, the yeast mixed with warm milk or the egg yolk pounded with honey. Also masks of industrial production will approach. Choose means with effect of lifting - they condense skin and do face form to more accurate.

6. Protect skin from sunshine. Daily you apply under make-up day cream with sun-protection factor. Choose the day creams which are not containing mineral oils which can cause irritation.

7. Actively use serums. They easily lay down and are quickly absorbed. It is possible to find the means intended for the solution of different problems in sale. Cosmetologists suggest to alternate the moistening, tightening, regenerating means. You apply one serum within 2 weeks, and then change it for another. The best products can be found among the range of luxury and pharmaceutical brands. You apply serum independently or use it before overlaying of day or night cream of the same brand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team