How to look after skin in the field of decollete

How to look after skin in the field of decollete

Many women very tremblingly look after face skin and absolutely forget about area of decollete. Usually thanks to ability of skin of decollete long enough to produce elastin in significant amount, the first wrinkles appear in 45-50 years. But as a result of bad ecology, the wrong skin care, hormonal violations and abuse of smoking of wrinkle can appear much earlier. And it means - farewell the intriguing dress with deep decollete! It is necessary to take current situation in hand and in root to change situation.

For a start reconsider the approach to personal hygiene. At reception of shower use gels with tightening or lifting effect as a part of which there are shea butter or walnut, extracts of coffee, aloe or lime.

Not less than 2 times a week during reception of bathtub by means of special mitten pound decollete zone. At the end add the procedure with contrast shower - alternation of hot and cold water within 2-3 minutes.

Daily before drawing make-up wipe decollete skin with nutritious milk which can be enriched in addition with vitamins A and E (oil extract can be bought and drugstore). It is possible to prepare cosmetic tonic by the hands. On steam bath heat 100 ml of cottonseed oil, add 2 tablespoons of solid coconut oil and heavy cream, on 20 drops of essential oils of eucalyptus and tangerine. 2 times a day wipe decollete zone with the cotton tampon moistened in this tonic.

After evening shower use creams which part glycolic acid is (universal peeling for skin at any age), grape seeds oil (powerful stimulator of regeneration of skin) and salts of alginic acid (instantly eliminate dimness and roughnesses of skin). But be ready to spend the considerable sum of money as cream with the specified structure make only luxury brands.

Cosmetic ice – melt water in itself is enriched with oxygen and if instead of water to use broth of herbs, then the effect will be amazing (1 tablespoon of camomile, thyme or calendula make glass of boiled water, insist 2.5 hours and spill in icetrays). Just wipe with ice skin of decollete and do light massage.

Masks for zone of decollete provide the smoothing effect. Their basis – white clay. It can be got in drugstore. Clay is dissolved with water, add carrot juice, olive oil, cinnamon or turmeric. Apply mix to skin and leave before emergence of feeling of tightness, then wash away and grease decollete zone nutritious cream.

Beautiful smooth skin in the field of decollete is result of persistent daily work. Therefore you are not lazy regularly to look after yourself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team