How to look after skin of hands in house conditions

How to look after skin of hands in house conditions

Household chemicals, the overdried air indoors, cold temperature on the street, influence of ultraviolet, etc. – all this have extremely an adverse effect on condition of skin of hands, leading to its cracking and peeling. To prevent problems with skin of hands, it is necessary to follow simple rules on leaving with use of house means.

Even under the most adverse conditions it is possible to keep hands healthy and well-groomed, following very simple rules.

Basic rules

  • Full-fledged diet rich with necessary elements, vitamins and minerals. Problems with skin arise because of deficiency of A, E, C, PP vitamins and group B and also potassium, calcium, zinc and iron. It is necessary to watch that in the daily menu were meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, fresh greens, cellulose. Vitamin and mineral complexes will also be useful.
  • Water from under the crane is very harmful because of the high content of chlorine therefore after washing of hands it is necessary to use cream. When cleaning it is obligatory to use protective rubber gloves to ensure protection against bacteria.
  • In winter season it is necessary to protect hands from frost and cold wind. To constantly moisten the overdried air indoors.

Hand creams

When choosing hand cream pay attention to its structure. It is better not to use creams with glycerin, heavy synthetic oils and silicone – they extend moisture from deeper layers of epidermis and only create visibility of uvlazhenny skin.

It is better to have creams with several textures: for morning or day care soft creams, will be suitable for evening leaving – fat which will perfectly nourish skin with useful substances for the night. Not to soil bed linen use special gloves.

House srub

Abrasive particles of srubs and peelings perfectly clean and update upper layer of epidermis. The srub can be prepared and in house conditions – the most plain ingredients for this purpose will be necessary:

  • soap base or liquid soap;
  • sea salt, coffee thick and sugar.

To mix all ingredients and to apply to skin of hands. Massage movements to distribute on the surface of skin, then to wash away warm water. To use the moisturizing cream. To use often srubs and peelings you should not injure because of risk skin and entering of infection in microcracks.

House hand baths

Hand baths are great way of food, moistening and rejuvenation of skin.

  • To fill in 1 tablespoon of dry eucalyptus (camomiles or mints) with two glasses of the boiling water and to allow to infuse within half an hour. In the cooled-down broth to lower hands and to hold 15-20 minutes. After the procedure of hand not to wash – to get wet with towel and to grease with fat nutritious cream.
  • To warm vegetable oil (coconut or olive) on water bath, to add several drops of any essential oil. To hold hands of 20 minutes, after the procedure not to wash – to get wet with towel or napkin.
  • To make 1 glass of dry flakes of porridge hot water, to add 1 h spoon of any vegetable oil and couple of drops of juice of lemon. To hold hands about half an hour. The bath perfectly will be suitable for age skin, feeding it and smoothing wrinkles.

Beautiful and healthy hands are not congenital property, but result of regular leaving and careful attitude to them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team